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The Real St. Nick

The Real St. Nick: Leader, Legend or Lie

By: Rev. Ken Klous
This Bible study examines a man who, next to Jesus Christ, is the most visible figure during the holidays—St. Nicholas or Santa Claus—as we know him in Western culture. Dating back to the third century, St. Nick is attributed with the doing of many benevolent and charitable acts of kindness and generosity.

Revered and honored by Christians the world over, St. Nick has a resume of accomplishments and good deeds even the most celebrated saint would be envious of. This seasonal Bible study surveys St. Nick and the age-old traditions surrounding him. An extensive list of Web links in the discussion guide gives users numerous sources of information providing fascinating details behind the man. Exploring these you'll learn about the persecution he faced under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. You'll also see how-using ancient relics and modern science-a team of forensic specialists has reconstructed an image of St. Nick's face.

In the end what St. Nick has set down for us all is a lifestyle of service and going the distance for the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it's staying the executioner's blade from the neck of three innocents, bailing out a man's daughters with gold from certain prostitution, or simply giving children gifts, St. Nick took his faith to the streets and made a difference-a worldwide difference-as a follower of Christ.
The Bible Study will start on Wednesday, July 13th. Men’s Group starts at 7 a.m., Women’s Bible Study starts at 10:00 a.m. There will be no Bible Study on Wednesday, July 6th.