What To Expect

Beautiful Savior, like a growing number of churches across the country, has two worship centers on our campus. We call them “ministry centers.” Having more than one place to "do ministry" helps us provide more options for people to worship, learn, serve others, and connect with each other.

Fellowship Opportunities on Worship Days

Stay after service and you'll find friendly people, coffee, and donuts in the Fellowship Hall.

Sunday Morning Education Hour

Besides worship you’ll find opportunities to look deeper into God’s Word on Sundays at both of Beautiful Savior’s ministry centers. During the school year drop in on a teen & adult class or try out our 4:30pm Saturday evening or 9:15am Sunday morning Bible study in the Fellowship Hall. For kids and teens, we offer Sunday School classes for children ages 3 through early elementary grades. Feel free to join a class at anytime. Topics for adult classes vary, but you’ll find people at the ministry center who can help you find out more about current classes.

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Community Life

In general you will find Beautiful Savior to be a warm community of people with a heart for serving. Staff members are down-to-earth and ready to help in any way they can. And generosity and sincerity are encouraged throughout our church family. We believe strongly that every person brings unique gifts, passions, and experiences that make our community more complete. So we encourage each other to use the talents God has given to make an impact in the lives of others.

We also believe that relationships are essential for living and growing in Christ. As members of a large family of faith, we encourage and challenge one another. We support each other in times of need and hold each other accountable. We serve together. “Joys shared are doubled; sorrows shared are halved.” So says an old proverb. We enjoy relationships best in smaller gatherings, what we call LifeGroups. In these small groups, we enjoy community; we grow, learn, and care; and we use our gifts in service to the world.

Impacting the World

Service and generosity in all of life is an important emphasis for our church family. Far from being a ‘club,’ Beautiful Savior is a community on a mission to share the love of God with the world. While we organize church-wide efforts to make an impact in the lives of people in the Sarasota-Manatee area and beyond, we understand that our greatest purpose is in making an individual contribution to the lives of family members, coworkers, and neighbors. The love of Christ compels us … to live our lives, not for ourselves, but for Him. And living for Him leads us to care for, support, and defend those around us.

Adult information Classes

If you would like to learn more about Christianity and our Lutheran doctrine, let us know. Pastor Leavitt leads a series of adult information classes at least once a quarter. We welcome you to ask questions and get to know about our church family, what we believe, and why we have the confidence in these beliefs.

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